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6 Things That All Great Cafes Must Have to Keep Their Status at the Top of the List

You will find a café or a coffee shop around almost every corner. Most of them are good to meet at, but some stand out as great. There are things we expect from a café and things that set them one step above others. We love our café time and will try out different ones, but the ones with the 6 secret elements will see us most often. There are 6 things that we expect a great café to have.

Good coffee – This means different types of beans, a proper machine, and all the fancy things that go with making an excellent cup of coffee.

Magazines – Cafes with a good selection of magazines gets our attention. Everything from fashion to homemaking to DIY. If you have some books to offer patrons to read while there, you will get an extra 10 points.


Free WiFi – Many people work from cafes so they can have a meal while not losing any work time. Others like to relax with their laptops or tablets to take a break from the day. Others still might use cafes to write their blogs or books. All of these people would love to have access to free Wi-Fi. They will most likely stay a while and have a bigger check than others.

4.Comfortable seats – An absolute must for great café status is comfortable furniture. Whether it is a collection of chairs and tables or random chairs and couches, they need to be comfortable so we would like to return.

Sample of a fine and good coffee

5.Comfort food – No matter the reason for visiting the café, everyone wants to have a place that offers comfort food. Those comfort foods make us feel good and safe and at home. When these comforts are affordable, you have a winning combo for a great café.

  1. Atmosphere – The atmosphere and environment need to be right. It needs to have the right balance between calm and busy. We need to be able to work or study, but also hang out with friends or brainstorm.

If your café combines these 6 things, you will be fast on our list of great cafes.

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