Alpenglow Café


Alpenglow Café is situated in Oregon. We love our city and we love our coffee. Our café has a very welcoming atmosphere and we have customers from all over. Anyone who is looking for a break, somewhere to work or study, or just to have a nice meal with a friend, will find themselves here. Our café has just the right balance of calm and busy. Our décor is a bit eccentric and random, but it is part of the charm.

My husband and I decided to open this café because we wanted to make people happy while doing what we love. I love food and cooking and he loves coffee – some days more than he loves me. The combination of these loves has brought us to Alpenglow. We have been open and very busy for the past 5 years and still going strong.

We offer a variety of distractions from life. We have a collection of magazines as well as a large bookshelf filled with classics, crime novels, biographies and other wonderful treasures. To enjoy these books comfortably, there are couches and an assortment of chairs. For the more technically inclined, we also have free Wi-Fi with the condition of buying at least one cup of coffee.

Please come and visit us at Alpenglow. We would love to meet you and make your day a little bit more special.