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Basic Types of Coffee and How They are Made: A Guide to Espresso Based Coffees

If you are a coffee lover, you should know the different types of coffees already. For those of you who have just started appreciating coffee or would like to, we have the right introduction for you. We will list the different types of coffee and what they are. This will help you decide which one to try first. You will like to try all of them, but the ones that sound like your taste will be best tried first.

Espresso. This is also called the ‘short black’. Most coffee types you will find today, has an espresso base. It is the main ingredient for all the types of coffee that is made with any type of cappuccino machine.

Double Espresso. This is also called a ‘Doppio’. Simply said, it is a double shot of espresso.

Short Macchiato. This type of coffee has the espresso base, but we add a nice dollop of steamed milk and foam. This helps to break the harshness of the espresso taste. A properly made short macchiato should have 3 different colored layers: a dark bottom layer of espresso, a middle lighter layer where the espresso and milk mix, and the light top layer of foam.

Long Macchiato. This is the same basic idea as the short macchiato, but it has 2 shots of espresso. So basically, we have a double espresso with a dollop of steamed milk and foam. There should still be 3 different colored layers.

Café Latte. This coffee again has the basic one shot of espresso. To make a latte, you add steamed milk and micro-foam. This type of coffee is sweeter and has a softer taste than clean espresso because of the foam.

Cappuccino. A cappuccino is almost the same as a latte. The main difference is that they are served in different types of cups or mugs. The other difference is that a cappuccino has more foam on top and chocolate.

These should get you started. We will continue our list next week. Let us know what types of coffee you have tried and how you liked it.

6 Things That All Great Cafes Must Have to Keep Their Status at the Top of the List

You will find a café or a coffee shop around almost every corner. Most of them are good to meet at, but some stand out as great. There are things we expect from a café and things that set them one step above others. We love our café time and will try out different ones, but the ones with the 6 secret elements will see us most often. There are 6 things that we expect a great café to have.

Good coffee – This means different types of beans, a proper machine, and all the fancy things that go with making an excellent cup of coffee.

Magazines – Cafes with a good selection of magazines gets our attention. Everything from fashion to homemaking to DIY. If you have some books to offer patrons to read while there, you will get an extra 10 points.


Free WiFi – Many people work from cafes so they can have a meal while not losing any work time. Others like to relax with their laptops or tablets to take a break from the day. Others still might use cafes to write their blogs or books. All of these people would love to have access to free Wi-Fi. They will most likely stay a while and have a bigger check than others.

4.Comfortable seats – An absolute must for great café status is comfortable furniture. Whether it is a collection of chairs and tables or random chairs and couches, they need to be comfortable so we would like to return.

Sample of a fine and good coffee

5.Comfort food – No matter the reason for visiting the café, everyone wants to have a place that offers comfort food. Those comfort foods make us feel good and safe and at home. When these comforts are affordable, you have a winning combo for a great café.

  1. Atmosphere – The atmosphere and environment need to be right. It needs to have the right balance between calm and busy. We need to be able to work or study, but also hang out with friends or brainstorm.

If your café combines these 6 things, you will be fast on our list of great cafes.

7 Characteristics That Will Help You Know the Difference Between a Restaurant and a Cafe

Going out for a meal with friends is always fun. Great food, great company, and great times. Deciding where to eat can sometimes be difficult. Restaurant or café? Coffee shop or bistro? To help you decide, we will tell you the difference between a café and a restaurant. The choice will depend on what type of food and feeling you are looking for.


Cafes usually serve different types of coffee and lighter type food items. Restaurants usually serve meals and a variety of drinks. Seating in both are tables and chairs, but in cafes, the formations might be more casual and even eccentric. The formation will be less formal in cafes. Restaurants have more formal structures and placings as well as tablecloths and proper place settings.


The feeling of most cafes is casual and relaxed. You will often find students or other discussion groups meeting there. The feeling in restaurants are more formal and usually more geared towards the feeling of dinner.


The menu usually includes food items that are lighter. Foods like sandwiches, bagels, and hamburgers will be on the menu. The variety at a café is limited. The menu at restaurants includes set meals of different meats and side dishes. There is a wide variety that includes meats, poultry, seafood, salads, vegetables, and other side dishes.


Most restaurants have liquor licenses and serve a variety of alcoholic beverages. Cafes might also serve alcohol if they have a license, but it is not part of their main character.


Tipping is expected and common practice in restaurants. Waiters usually get a 10% tip. At cafes, tipping is optional.


In restaurants, you get served by waiters. You place your orders and they are brought to you when they are ready. In cafes, self-service is the order of the day and most people get their own sandwich and coffee, etc.


The food items available are displayed in cafes. In restaurants, the food items or dishes are put on a menu from which you order.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a formal romantic dinner, you will go to a restaurant. A quick coffee meeting or discussion group will be better suited at a café.