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Espresso Based Coffees

Basic Types of Coffee and How They are Made: A Guide to Espresso Based Coffees

If you are a coffee lover, you should know the different types of coffees already. For those of you who have just started appreciating coffee or would like to, we have the right introduction for you. We will list the different types of coffee and what they are. This will help you decide which one to try first. You will like to try all of them, but the ones that sound like your taste will be best tried first.

Espresso. This is also called the ‘short black’. Most coffee types you will find today, has an espresso base. It is the main ingredient for all the types of coffee that is made with any type of cappuccino machine.

Double Espresso. This is also called a ‘Doppio’. Simply said, it is a double shot of espresso.

Short Macchiato. This type of coffee has the espresso base, but we add a nice dollop of steamed milk and foam. This helps to break the harshness of the espresso taste. A properly made short macchiato should have 3 different colored layers: a dark bottom layer of espresso, a middle lighter layer where the espresso and milk mix, and the light top layer of foam.

Long Macchiato. This is the same basic idea as the short macchiato, but it has 2 shots of espresso. So basically, we have a double espresso with a dollop of steamed milk and foam. There should still be 3 different colored layers.

Café Latte. This coffee again has the basic one shot of espresso. To make a latte, you add steamed milk and micro-foam. This type of coffee is sweeter and has a softer taste than clean espresso because of the foam.

Cappuccino. A cappuccino is almost the same as a latte. The main difference is that they are served in different types of cups or mugs. The other difference is that a cappuccino has more foam on top and chocolate.

These should get you started. We will continue our list next week. Let us know what types of coffee you have tried and how you liked it.